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:Take my hand, Herald Vanyel.:
Vanyel blinked, struggled against his fading sight, tried to hold to consciousness.
:My hand.: The strange herald held his right hand out to Vanyel, and there was entreaty in that mind-voice.
:Will you not take it?:
The urgency in the request pulled at him; this was important. Important that he fight past the pain to obey the stranger. Moved by some deep conviction that he didn't understand, he found a tiny crumb of strength; just enough to move the fingers of his left hand and place them, sticky and warm with his own blood, into the stranger's outstretched palm. The stranger's hand closed over his, and his lips curved in a smile of triumph.
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Book Two of the Last Herald-Mage Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. My favorite simply because Death is sweet, Death is love. Death forgives. And I love that thought..simple.

As for a picture of me..(cover those eyes!)

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My two favorite pieces of photography in the whole wide world~ from my father's wedding.

My family. The only complete immediate family I've ever known; from left to right: My brother Sean (15), My new stepmom Marci (33), My father- Duncan (48), Me (18), and little brother Phillip (14).

Self explanatory. Marci and Daddy dancing to their first song together- To Lay Me Down by the Grateful Dead. I thought it was kindof raunchy.

On to the good stuff: ( kidding!) As requested, pics of me:

my senior pic...
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i hope this whole "favourite piece of writing" thing isn't permenent, cuz my favourites are always changing... but for now, here's a song i wrote a while ago....


Sometimes nothing can be done when I'm strapped to the drivers seat
Watching you getting smaller and smaller in my rearview mirror
Trying hard not to see the reflection of my eyes in yours.

I'll never forget what you said that was then for me and it's now for you
the heartache still hurts so much more
The highways are getting longer and the distance is gaining
Soon we'll be bumper to bumper and your smile will be straining.
Yearning to be in your arms to make me safe again.

I wish I'd told you a little more slowly that I thought you were the one
I wish I'd told you a little more softly that my mind os a loaded gun
I wish I'd told you a little more softly that I knew you were the one
I wish I'd told you a little more slowly that my mind is a loaded gun

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I'm not listed in the users! I feel sad. Oh well.

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This is me and my uncle; I'd give you a different picture but this is the only one I can find at 3 in the morning. If anyone asks which one is me, I'm going to have to beat you.

My application is located here.

And my favorite piece of art? Oh my, this is definately a tough one. I'm just going to link to something I wrote a while back, and like. [ chloe ]

So yes, this is me. Feel free to im me or leave a message on my journal or any such thing, I love talking to new people.

♥ Kat

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The community seemed to be virgin in the ways of writing, so I figured I would fix that little issue. If this is a problem, like, I'm not supposed to be posting yet or something, just tell me and I'll delete it.

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